Life Remodeled | One Detroit

The story of a huge Detroit neighborhood cleanup 10,000 volunteers strong. It was organized by Life Remodeled and the Durfee Society. In just six days, 316 blocks were beautified, 400 houses boarded up, and 100 alleyways cleared.

American Black Journal

11/4/18: American Black Journal – Wayne State University 150th Anniversary / Disability Network/ Goodwill of Greater Detroit

On the next American Black Journal, Detroit's Wayne State University is celebrating a major milestone as it welcomes a huge, new financial gift from a married couple who are former WSU students. Plus, people with disabilities, senior citizens and veterans work to make sure political candidates hear their concerns this election year. And, the CEO of Goodwill Industries talks with Stephen about how his organization is preparing Detroiters for the workforce.

  • 2018 Election
  • Neighborhoods
  • Flint
  • Immigration

One Detroit | ‘Reverse gentrification’ in Islandview

Islandview is a neighborhood on the verge of big change, especially when it comes to housing. Longtime residents are wary of being pushed out by high rents and new development. Joe Ventimiglia is trying a different developmental model. One Detroit Associate Producer has the story.

One Detroit | Arab American Voters

One Detroit associate producer, Will Glover, sat down with Hassan Khalifeh from the Arab American News at the Qahwah house in Dearborn to talk about the thoughts and feelings of Arab American voters as the mid-term approaches

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