Author: Lea Vigi

DEC – Championing the American Middle Class

The Detroit Economic Club presents a conversation with CEO and President of Flex-N-Gate, Shahid Khan. It will be streamed live from the Masonic Temple by Detroit Public TV on Tuesday, November 19 from 12:35-1:30pm ET.

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WATCH LIVE: Fulcrum Conference 2019

The Ford Foundation and Detroit Public TV welcome Fulcrum to Detroit for a two-day conference to prepare us today for where work is going tomorrow Nov. 13-14 at Wayne State University.

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From PBS NewsHour: Healing Flint

After a public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, triggered by high levels of lead in the drinking water, a number of programs are working to encourage good nutrition for children in order to prevent recurring effects of the neurotoxin on growing bodies.

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