Author: Michael Sellers

Southwest Detroit Residents React to ICE Raids

At a recent community meeting in the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, the One Detroit team, along with our partners at CDAD (Community Development Advocates of Detroit), got to hear about the real issues the Southwest Detroit community is facing. Watch this excerpt of their conversation as they respond to the Trump administration’s proposed ICE raids on immigrant communities.

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Record high water on Detroit’s East Side

An emergency situation in the flooded Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood on Detroit’s east side comes with 100,000 sandbags and the workers to fill and stack them.
The city of Detroit is looking for short term solutions where record high water levels and too much rain have left residents submerged near the Detroit River. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota has the story.

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7/14/19: American Black Journal – NAACP National Convention / Concert of Colors

On the next American Black Journal, the 110th annual NAACP National Convention is coming to Detroit this month. The Detroit Branch NAACP President, Rev. Wendell Anthony, talks with Stephen about this year’s speakers, activities and agenda. Plus, the Concert of Colors is underway in Detroit. Concert founder, Ismael Ahmed, talks about this annual celebration of diversity in music.

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