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6/6/19: One Detroit – Skilled Trades Training Center / Flint Water Crisis / Charter Commission / Rebel Nell

As the Detroit Charter Commission comes under fire for chaos at its meetings, One Detroit gives community organizer Latoya Morgan a chance to explain her stance on the controversy in this special commentary.

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Growing food in Detroit, no sunshine needed

“Hydroponic agriculture is really the next level technique where you’re growing in an area where there’s no soil available or where the soil’s highly contaminated,” farmhand Allie Mason said, “It’s an excellent solution when you’re living in a highly urban setting to be able to grow hydroponically and not only are we growing hydroponically but vertically so we’re maximizing the use of space.”

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5/23/19: MDOT Director / Mackinac Policy Conference / Detroit Civility Project

Christy goes one-on-one with MDOT Director Paul Ajegba about the condition of Michigan roads, how they’re being built, and what he’s hearing about the Governor’s road funding proposal from frustrated residents at town hall meetings.

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