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10/10/19: One Detroit – Flint Anniversary / Dingell and Upton / Almond Boneless Chicken / Skilled Trades Careers

It’s been five years since Flint switched its drinking water source to the Flint River, triggering a major health crisis in that city. In this One Detroit report, we update how residents are doing, and Stephen talks with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha about what we’ve learned and the concerns that remain.

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8/29/19: One Detroit – Livernois Construction / Water Levels / Women DJ’s

A One Detroit report focuses on the massive streetscape construction project that is hurting businesses along Livernois, the Avenue of Fashion. Plus, Christy talks with the co-owner of Baker’s Keyboard Lounge about how the construction is impacting his business and what the City of Detroit is doing in response to Livernois Avenue business owners’ concerns.

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