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Brooks Lumber & Hardware

One way or another, this city has our signature,” owner Ray Formosa told One Detroit. Check out the history of this Corktown hardware store, established in 1896.

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Crusader for Justice: Judge Damon Keith

Detroit’s own civil rights icon, federal judge Damon Keith, passed away this weekend. He was 96. One Detroit contributor, Stephen Henderson sat down with Judge Damon Keith in 2014 for an in-depth interview on his career, his life, and his biography, “Crusader for Justice: Federal Judge Damon J. Keith”.

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4/11/19: One Detroit – Dana Nessel / Abner Hines

Christy sits down for a wide-ranging, one-on-one interview with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel about her first three months in office. They talk about several of Nessel’s priorities including the Line 5 controversy, the investigation into the Catholic Church, prosecuting hate crimes, and her plans for Flint.

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