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9/15/19: American Black Journal – Jackie Wilson / Detroit Sports Zone

Legendary Detroit entertainer Jackie Wilson receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Stephen talks with Wilson’s daughter, Brenda Wilson, and cousin Thelma Stubbs-Mitchell about the late singer who earned the nickname “Mr. Excitement.” Plus, the Detroit Sports Zone welcomes a new class of inductees into its High School Hall of Fame. We’ll talk about this year’s honorees who are recognized for being outstanding athletes who attended Detroit Public High Schools or for making major contributions to athletics.

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8/29/19: One Detroit – Livernois Construction / Water Levels / Women DJ’s

A One Detroit report focuses on the massive streetscape construction project that is hurting businesses along Livernois, the Avenue of Fashion. Plus, Christy talks with the co-owner of Baker’s Keyboard Lounge about how the construction is impacting his business and what the City of Detroit is doing in response to Livernois Avenue business owners’ concerns.

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