About MiWeek

Meet the Contributors

What is MiWeek all about?  

MiWeek is a weekly analysis show that brings you in-depth coverage of the biggest stories, people and issues facing Michigan.  You’ll hear from the power brokers but you’ll also see stories about the people next door.  From politics to neighborhoods to education to arts and culture, we talk about it all.


Oh. So just another public affairs show?

Not even close! We’re on a mission to bring you stories that you haven’t seen anywhere else on TV.  And we do that with ground breaking partnerships that extend from non-profit groups to established, trusted media outlets.  Think of us as the one show you have to watch, if you’re going to impress people at your next cocktail party.


Do you just focus on Detroit?

We adore Detroit but MiWeek goes beyond the city borders.  We go anywhere in the state where there is a good story. Plus, we’re keeping an eye on Lansing and the hot election year.  With our production capability, you’ll see interviews not only locally, but nationally as well.


I’m sick of talking heads fighting about politics. Do you guys do that?

If there’s something to bicker about, we make sure every side is covered.  But we make sure there’s interesting and smart discussion, not just yelling from either side.


Can I get in on the conversation?

Sure! Feel free to comment on our weekly show blogs. We also want you to tell us what stories are most important to you. Plus, we’re always looking for audience members for our quarterly Town Hall meetings and live events, so make sure you keep in touch. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.