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3/24/19: American Black Journal – Detroit Economic Growth Corporation / Bookstock 2019

On the next American Black Journal, the new CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Kevin Johnson, talks with Stephen about his vision and priorities for driving investment, creating jobs and growing Detroit’s economy. Plus, we’ll get details on the Detroit-area’s largest used book and media sale that’s raising money for local education and literacy projects.

A Closer Look at Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route

Detroit 48282: Conversations Along a Postal Route explores the rise, demise and contested resurgence of America's "motor city" through a multi-generational choir of voices who reside in mail carrier Wendell Watkins’s work route. One Detroit sat down with...

3/17/19: American Black Journal – Small Business Workshop / Fresh Nation

The 5th annual Small Business Workshop is coming up in May, and this year’s theme focuses on how small business owners can navigate changes in the economy and other challenges. Plus, we’ll learn about Fresh Nation, a training program in communications and broadcast technology for young people.

Savion Glover | Extended Interview

In this Web Exclusive extended interview, we hear more from world renown tap dancer Savion Glover. He talks more about his career, his Detroit workshops, and the art and future of tap dancing.

DACA update | Juan Gonzalez

One Detroit first met Juan Gonzalez rallying for immigration change in Southwest Detroit in 2017 after the Trump administration announced they wanted to end the DACA program. We caught up with him recently as he pursues his next goal: law school. Here,...

3/14/19: Wayne County 2019 State of the County Address

Wayne County Commissioner Warren C. Evans delivers the 2019 State of the County Address. Thursday, March 14th from 5:00 – 10:00pm EDT. Click on the link below to get updated notification on the Livestream.

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