Detroit PBS awarded Nissan Foundation grant in support of its journalism and diversity efforts

Top-notch storytelling and investigative journalism earn Detroit PBS a trio of Emmy Awards

Detroit PBS was recognized for exemplary coverage by Great Lakes Now and One Detroit and was honored with several other nominations.

Visit here for a full list of the awards and nominees 


The 46th Annual Emmy Awards honored Detroit PBS with three Emmy Awards for achievements in exceptional news coverage by two of its news shows  “Great Lakes Now” and “One Detroit.”  

“Great Lakes Now” took home honors in two categories: Best Magazine Program and Best Lifestyle for its segment on ice climbing.  “One Detroit” received its award for  Best Public Affairs Program.  The winners were announced Saturday, June 15, by the Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

This new round of awards was in addition to numerous MAB awards announced earlier in April and 18 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists announced in May.  

Here’s a rundown of the awards our public media station earned and those who deserve credit: 

Great Lakes Now 
• Rob Green, Producer 
• Anna Sysling, Producer 
• Jordan Wingrove, Editor 
• Bill Allesee, Editor 

One Detroit 
• Zosette Guir, Producer 
• Bill Kubota, Producer 
• Daphne Hughes, Producer 
• Will Glover, Producer 
• Christopher Jordan, Editor 
• Ernie Zinger, Editor 
• Sarah Zientarski, Producer 
• Cecelia Sharpe, Producer

Great Lakes Now – Ice Climbing
• Anna Sysling, Producer 
• Jordan Wingrove, Editor 
• Ian Solomon, Host 
• Aaron Peterson, Photographer 
• Darryn Schulte, Photographer 
• Sandy McPhee, Writer 

Apart from the winners, Detroit PBS had five other nominations in categories including Arts and Entertainment, Children/Youth/Teen, Environment and Science, and Societal Concerns. Those who deserve recognition include: 


Detroit Performs: Live From Marygrove – Ainadamar 

  • Sarah Zientarski, Producer
  • Tina Brunn, Editor

Ruth E. Carter Exhibit 

  • Daphne Hughes, Producer
  • Stephen Henderson, Host
  • Daijah Moss, Producer
  • Dan Ketchum, Editor
  • Orlando Rivera, Photographer
  • Darin Donahue, Photographer 


The Career Center 

  • Kyle Vernier, Producer
  • Brian Kearns, Editor
  • Angela Brown, Producer
  • Matt Winne, Producer 


Lake Superior’s Wild Island 

  • Anna Sysling, Producer
  • Greg King, Writer
  • Jordan Wingrove, Editor
  • Ian Solomon, Host
  • Aaron Peterson, Photographer
  • Darryn Schulte, Photographer

Societal Concerns: 

Sparking Communities for Change: Michigan 

  • Jessie Fidler, Producer
  • Randy Strobl, Editor

A summary of Detroit PBS’s awards can be found here.  

The Michigan Emmy recipients represent the most experienced and talented television industry  professionals in Michigan’s 11 television markets. Founded in 1947, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Emmy Award stand for the best in the television industry. The National Academy is dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement, raising industry standards and improving the quality of television. Its dedication to excellence is pursued every day by members of its 19 chapters across the country. 


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