Smith Family Leadership Circle

As a patron of the Smith Family Leadership Circle of giving, you commit to building the capacity and expertise at Detroit PBS that translates to deep and evolving understanding of our community and the resources needed to serve at our highest quality.  

Honoring the Vision of

William H. Smith

We stand on the threshold of legacy, channeling the indomitable spirit of William H. Smith (Bill) to friends and family—a luminary whose vision birthed the Smith Family Leadership Circle in 2013.  It is more than a giving society; it is his ode to Detroit PBS's core value—understanding our diverse community.


Since 2013, we've channeled over $9 million from 50+ altruistic hearts into transformative programming.

The DNA of a Legacy:

About Bill

The William H. Smith Family Leadership Circle (SLC) was created for the express purpose of empowering Detroit PBS to build the expertise, sound organizational structure, and processes to produce programming of unique value and to engage with other organizations as our community builds partnerships.

Over the years, Bill brought his family (late wife Patsy, children Ken, Wendy, and Scott and many grandchildren) into his relationship with Detroit PBS, and to honor that, Detroit PBS has decided to rename the William H. Smith Family Leadership Circle to reflect the whole Smith Family.

Leveraging donations at and above $10,000 per year for this purpose extends the reach of every member’s donation.

To date, the Smith Family Leadership Circle, founded with an initial investment of $1,000,000 has raised over $9,000,000. As a result, Detroit PBS has had the ability to grow building staff and knowledge capacity in each of the named programmatic areas, leading to a strong focus on delivering in-depth impact to our community.

Be a Catalyst: Continue The Smith Family’s Vision

With a generous donation of $10,000 or more, you can be a respected Smith Family Leadership Circle member. You won't just be a donor; you'll be a torchbearer of Bill's mission—taking ideas to action and action to transformative community programming.

In December 2022, Bill passed away, but his legacy remains as vibrant as ever. He and Patsy's advocacy took Detroit PBS to new heights—from early childhood education to civic journalism, from arts and culture to the holistic wellness of Detroit.

To honor Bill and Patsy is to act. To act is to transform.
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