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Ed Moore

VP, Content

Senior Staff

Ed Moore is the vice president of content at Detroit PBS. Winner of the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University award, numerous Emmys, and other awards, Ed began his career in documentary filmmaking after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Master of Arts degree. For those who remember cable TV, Moore produced for nearly every network including the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, MTV, ABC Sports and World News Tonight, CBS Sports, PBS NewsHour, and NBC Nightly News.

Moore joined Detroit PBS in 2009 spearheading its journalism and energy & environment initiatives in One Detroit and Great Lakes Now respectively. Moving his team to the Detroit Historical Museum, Moore pioneered the engagement-to-content model that Detroit PBS uses today – getting face-to-face with community leaders, stakeholders, and neighborhood residents – and using their feedback to guide content. From this model, Detroit PBS’s local content has included sustained coverage of racial injustice, environmental justice, police reform, neighborhood and community rebuilding, workforce equity and development, and much more.

In addition to his current duties, Moore has reformatted its flagship arts and culture offering, Detroit Performs into a live performance program produced at the Marygrove Theatre in an effort to connect performers and organizations to Detroit PBS’s vast audience. Since relaunching Detroit Performs in 2021, Moore led collaborations with the Detroit Public Theatre, the Detroit Opera, and many other important arts and cultural organizations.

As leader of Detroit PBS’s arts & culture initiative, Moore also leads Detroit’s only classical and jazz radio station, 90.9 WRCJ.


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