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8/4/19: Jazz From Detroit / Family Pictures USA

On the next American Black Journal, Stephen sits down with local writer Mark Stryker to talk about his new book, “Jazz From Detroit,” which traces the city’s profound influence on modern and contemporary jazz.

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7/14/19: American Black Journal – NAACP National Convention / Concert of Colors

On the next American Black Journal, the 110th annual NAACP National Convention is coming to Detroit this month. The Detroit Branch NAACP President, Rev. Wendell Anthony, talks with Stephen about this year’s speakers, activities and agenda. Plus, the Concert of Colors is underway in Detroit. Concert founder, Ismael Ahmed, talks about this annual celebration of diversity in music.

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6/30/19: American Black Journal – NSO Clay Center / Estate Planning

On the next American Black Journal, Neighborhood Service Organization breaks ground on a project that will change the conversation about homelessness in Detroit. We’ll get details on the sustainable campus that will provide a variety of support services at one location for the homeless. Plus, we’ll talk about the issues surrounding the division of Aretha Franklin’s estate and why everyone should have a will.

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