Workshops for Well-Being

In this four-part video series, Tara Hardy, Director of Education at Detroit PBS, explores how factors like stress, physical activity, and nutrition can impact the learning outcomes and behavior of young people. Each video offers free and practical strategies to improve the emotional well-being of the entire family. This series is also available with Arabic and Spanish subtitles. Watch all of the videos below. 

What’s included in the content:

  • How to deal with temper tantrums without losing your cool
  • A 20-minute practice that leads to a happier household
  • The specific foods to include in your diet to influence better attitudes and concentration
  • 3 types of movement to implement daily to maximize emotional wellness
  • How to deal with stressful situations without alienating your family
  • How you can use food to change your mood
  • 3 steps to take to manage challenging behavior without losing your temper