Become a Legacy Leader

You can support Detroit PBS in a meaningful way through a variety of giving options.

Make Your Story Part of Ours

Detroit PBS has been the bedrock of community culture, educational outreach, and societal discourse. Take this pivotal role forward into the future by exploring ways to include Detroit PBS in your legacy planning.

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Wills and Trusts:

A Streamlined Gesture

Extend your passion for public broadcasting into perpetuity by designating Detroit PBS in your will or living trust. Be the pillar of the next generation's Detroit PBS experience.

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Beneficiary Designation:

A Streamlined Gesture

Whether it's your financial accounts, retirement assets, or life insurance policies, naming Detroit PBS as a beneficiary is a straightforward but far-reaching way to fuel the future of meaningful content.

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Charitable Gift Annuity:

A Win-Win Scenario

Unlock a dual-purpose strategy that ensures a fixed income while strengthening the pillars of Detroit PBS. Enjoy immediate tax benefits and the long-term joy of making a difference.

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Charitable Remainder Trust:

A Kind Heart

With a Charitable Remainder Trust, you create a symbiotic relationship between your financial goals and Detroit PBS's mission. Enjoy the benefits of smart financial planning while nurturing the roots of community enrichment.

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What to Give

Learn about all the forms of Legacy Leader giving!

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